The Iron Fairies at Horti Towers

The Books

Many years ago, in a secret garden, a group of children stumbled across three little rusty books, no bigger than a matchbox in size. All had solid iron covers and were said to be found whilst the children climbed an old gum tree.

This is a story about a mystical old cottage and garden, set in the remote outback of Western Australia. It is not just a fairy tale, but an adventure deep into an underground world of hidden tunnels full of grumpy little old men. These little old men have been living in a world of darkness for hundreds of years mining a precious red ore, creating and making all sorts of weird machinery and inventions.

Over the years, these miners created a range of little Iron Fairies. These fairies represent certain special areas in the garden above them. Once a fairy is made she is taken to the garden in the cover of darkness where she is placed in her planned position awaiting the sun to rise the next morning. Nobody knows yet, so we need to find out exactly why the miners have made these fairies and why they choose to leave them in the garden, but we do know that there are a few very naughty fairies amongst the bunch! Watch out!! They are normally blue in colour and cause all sorts of problems to the miners.

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